OBELISK - Sida Xie's Production


Director / Screenwriter / Editor


In a desensitized world, a young man's encounter with a musical instrument sparks a rebellion against the oppressive Obelisk, exposing the widespread deception.

Director's Statement

"He listens, he roars, and he takes it all." In a world that has grown numb to its own emotions, the authoritative and enigmatic figure of Obelisk emerges, embodying a bizarre and alien presence that threatens to consume all human sentiment. Obelisk hums intermittently, spreading an atmosphere of fear that serves as a metaphor for the harsh realities we face.

As I reflect upon our beliefs and question their authenticity, I contemplate my own individuality amidst the conformist masses. Should I conceal my uniqueness and assimilate, or should I embrace my eccentricity with pride? Moreover, how do older generations adapt to the seismic shifts in societal values brought about by the relentless tide of progress? Through this narrative, I seek to explore these profound questions and seek out potential solutions.

Within this oppressive dystopian world, I have crafted, I aim to shed light on the complex issues of our reality and delve into the intricate dynamics of familial relationships. It is within this context that Obelisk comes to life—a symbol and embodiment of the themes I wish to convey.


Tokyo International Short Film Festival
(OBELISK - Honnourabde Mention)
Glenelg Film Festival (Judge's Selection)
Sydney Scientific Fiction Film Festival (Selected)
WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival - (Finalist)